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New PCB Equipments this Month - Feb' 24

29th February, 2024 Newsletter - PCB Directory

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Date: 29th February, 2024
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New PCB Equipment
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Equipment
Industry 4.0-Ready Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Machine
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Equipment  from Test Research, Inc

The TR7500QE Plus from Test Research, Inc. (TRI) is a 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System. It is equipped with AI-powered algorithms and mechanical capabilities that offer high-accuracy inspection. This system includes side-view cameras that allow the platform to inspect inner-layer bridges, hidden lifted leads, and other out-of-sight defects.
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Depaneling Equipment
Depaneling System with UV, XV, and ULTRAFAST Lasers
Depaneling Equipment  from OSAI ITALY

The NeoCut Shape Laser Depaneling System from Osai Automation Systems is equipped with UV, XV, and ULTRAFAST lasers. It is designed for depaneling flexible PCBs, as well as cutting FR4 PCBs, offering three laser types to suit customer requirements. The ULTRAFAST laser ensures minimal heat-affected zones (HAZ), resulting in fast, precise, and clean cuts.
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PCB Cleaning Machine
Versatile PCB Cleaning Machine for Board Dimensions up to 508 x 102 mm
PCB Cleaning Machine  from ITW EAE

The Aquastorm FSM from ITW EAE is a PCB Cleaning Machine that can accommodate PCBs measuring up to 508 x 102 mm. This machine provides complete cleaning process flexibility, drying performance and process monitoring. It is a free-standing additional wash section that can be added to any existing in-line cleaning process.
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Solder Paste
Ultrafine No-Clean Solder Paste for Precision Electronics Assembly
Solder Paste  from AIM Metals & Alloys LP

The NC259FPA from AIM Metals & Alloys is an Ultrafine Lead-free Solder Paste that is composed of an alloy of Tin (96.5%), Copper (0.5%), and Silver (3%). It uses a no-clean flux, which helps in ensuring a clean flux residue during the soldering process. This paste has an optimum melting point from 217°C to 220°C.
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Reflow Soldering Equipment
Reflow Soldering Equipment with Multiple Heating and Cooling Zones
Reflow Soldering Equipment  from Essemtec AG

The RO400FC-C from Essemtec is a Reflow Soldering Equipment that offer zone regulation, profile storage, and high air circulating volume for complex PCBs. Utilizing full convection heating, they ensure uniform temperature distribution across PCBs, with features like a 400 mm process width, optional flying thermocouples, and integrated microprocessor.
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X-ray Inspection System
X-ray Inspection System with Flat Panel Detector
X-ray Inspection System  from Toshiba IT & Control Systems Corporation

The TXV-CH4090FD from Toshiba IT & Control Systems is an X-ray Inspection System designed for image analysis, image measurement, function replay, making movie files, and pitch movement function. It has a flat panel detector with a wide dynamic range and can obtain fluoroscopic images that are not easily affected by halation.
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Solder Paste
No-Clean, Ultra-Low Voiding Solder Paste
Solder Paste  from MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

The ALPHA OM-362 from MacDermid Alpha is a Lead-free Solder Paste that is composed of an alloy of Tin (96.5%), Copper (0.5%), and Silver (3%). It uses a no-clean flux, which helps in leaving a clean flux residue during the soldering process. This paste has an optimum melting point of 217°C. It achieves IPC Class III voiding on BGA components, maintaining an average voiding of less than 10% on Bottom Terminated Components (BTC).
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Wave Soldering Equipment
Lead-Free Wave Soldering Equipment with 3 Preheat Zones
Wave Soldering Equipment  from SUN EAST Tech Development Co., Ltd

The SST-350 from SUN EAST Tech Development is a Lead-Free Wave Soldering Equipment with a solder pot capacity of 480 kg and three preheat zones. It can accommodate PCB width from 50 to 350 mm and includes a conveyor with a left-to-right direction (optional right-to-left). The conveyor has a speed of up to 1800 mm/minute and a height of 750 mm (±20 mm). It has a direct buffering input structure, with a stainless-steel chain conveyor designed for aluminium alloy tracks.
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PCB Laminates
High-Impedance PCB Laminate with Controlled Permeability and Permittivity
PCB Laminates  from Rogers Corporation

The MAGTREX 555 from Rogers Corporation is a PCB Laminate which has high-temperature efficiency and suitability for high-frequency applications. It is designed for a variety of PCB needs with a decomposition temperature (Td) of 500°C and a coefficient of thermal expansion of 22.25 ppm/°C (on the X-Y axis) and 25 ppm/°C (on the Z-axis).
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Solder Paste Printer
Solder Paste Printer for Board Dimension up to 610 x 515 mm
Solder Paste Printer  from Europlacer

The EP710 from Europlacer is a Solder Paste Printer having a Vision System, powered by a Dual Roving camera (DRc) for alignment of the card and stencil while verifying the presence of solder paste bead on the stencil. It utilizes SmartCal, a self-calibration technology, for repeatability in the long term in less than 30 seconds.
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Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Equipment
Automated Optical Inspection Equipment for Board Dimension up to 510 x 464 mm
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Equipment  from Surface Mount Technology Europe

The EAGLE 3D – 8800TL from Surface Mount Technology Europe is an Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Equipment. It can solder, look for damaged parts, components, and lifted heads, measure height or distance between chips, and shift tilts. This AOI system is equipped to analyse high or low volumes of solder, solder bridges, tombstoning, OCV, missing/wrong chip, or various patterns.
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Rework Station
Rework Station for PCB Dimension up to 390 x 300 mm
Rework Station  from Kurtz Ersa

The HR 600/3P from Kurtz Ersa is a Rework Station that can operate on Printed Circuit Boards of size 390 x 300 mm. It supports component size up to 60 x 60 mm and enables automatic repair of SMT components such as BGA and MLF up to edge lengths of 1 x 1 mm. This rework station utilizes HRSoft 2 graphical user interface (GUI) which enables effortless process selection and operation for any user.
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